Tap Color Mantra

A different kind of mantra: count your taps

and relax with colors

Tap Color Mantra is an app that counts your taps on your phone or tablet. With each touch the screen is filled with a different tint of color, whose RGB color code equals the number of taps so far. 0 is Black, 255 is Blue, 65,280 is Green, and 16,777,216 is White.

A tapping app seems kind of useless, doesn't it? Just try it for a few minutes, or for a few thousand taps. You might experience your mind wandering off, relaxing, and even starting multiple "background threads" to solve forgotten problems. Kind of a tapping mantra, in which the repeated word or formula is replaced with ... taps on the screen.

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You can tap for a few seconds, or for an entire hour. It's completely up to you, and the next time you open the app you continue exactly where you left off. It's OK if you don't get to 16 million taps (although there are some beautiful colors in that area). As in most cases, the journey is the destination.

You can count in decimal, like most humans do: 1, 2 ... 100 ... 1,000. You can also count in binary (like computers do), in octal, or in hexadecimal. You can also go one step back, in case you missed a psychological milestone like 100,000. And there is a cheating mode in Tap Color Mantra, so you can jump to 1 million without having to tap a million times (but it's not recommended, as it actually defeats the purpose).

Tap Color Mantra measures the time you've spent "color tapping". More tapping time means less stressful time spent overworking, and less effort for your mind and eyes. So feel free to use Tap Color Mantra to take a break from time to time.

"For 16.77 million taps, it takes eight million seconds, equivalent to playing for 250 days." (★★★★★ Anonymous review on Google Play)