Open 'View Source' on mobile and PC browsers

and inspect the source code of any webpage

PC browsers have an easy to access View Source feature that lets you view the source code of any webpage, but what about mobile browsers, such as the ones running on your Android smartphone or tablet?

You can install an app (or two), but for the lighter and minimalist solution, you can try SrcAnywhere. Once added to your browser as a humble bookmark(let), just tap the address bar, start typing "src...", and select SrcAnywhere from the dropdown list that appears. The browser's built-in View Source feature will open in a new tab, revealing the HTML source code of the current webpage (with syntax highlighting included).

You can customize and rename the SrcAnywhere bookmarklet to a shorter name if you like. As a bookmarklet, it does not waste any valuable resources, especially on resource constrained mobile devices. It doesn't require traditional installation, and even works on your desktop or portable PC, as a one click View Source alternative.

"Install" SrcAnywhere


On a PC: Simply drag the button to your browser's bookmarks bar (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.)

On a mobile device: Chrome for Android synchronizes your bookmarks with the PC, so SrcAnywhere should automatically appear on your device. On other mobile browsers (such as Firefox), long tap the button and select Bookmark Link.

SrcAnywhere is free and Open Source. Read the SrcAnywhere License for more information. Or view the source code on GitHub Gist.


Unfortunately, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge do not support the view-source: protocol, so SrcAnywhere does not work with Microsoft's browsers.


"Where it finds its flexibility is that it can be used across many platforms and web browsers some of which lack a 'view source' feature by default." (Download3K Editor’s Review: Good)
Featured by The Frugal Entrepreneur
"It is very useful for me to view source of a webpage form my smartphone." (Joseph on Mac Shareware)
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