Hello World Colors

Version 1.0

A "Hello World" app that lets you play with beautiful, surprising random colors

Hey World Colors is a "Hello World" app that allows you to play with beautiful colors: simply tap the screen and watch surprising random colors fill your phone or tablet.

Hey World Colors can be controlled simply by tapping: short tap to see a new random color, and long tap to copy the color code and reuse it in other apps. You can also press the Volume buttons to toggle the full brightness of the screen, and view the colors in all their splendor.

Use Hey World Colors to discover beautiful colors, relax your eyes and mind, or turn your smart device into a bright colorful flashlight.

Hey World Colors was created as a "Hello World" app, it has a minimal interface, and it is very easy to use. "Hello World" programs are pretty famous, even if all they do is write "Hello World!" on the screen. When learning a new programming language or platform, starting with this kind of program has become a tradition.

Hey World Colors has no ads, requires no Internet, and no permissions.